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What is EMTC? NEWS recently

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We are very satisfied with your CA-V1 and CA-V1, CA-V6W for professional customers, CA-V6W is a very good product on the motorcycle,thanks!

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your device CA-V1 is very good for our customer project, it is so proffesional , we can use in refrigerator car which can test the temperature ,thanks

—— Rajesmay

Company News
What is EMTC? NEWS recently
Latest company news about What is EMTC? NEWS recently

Technical standard editor
eMTC is an important branch of Internet of Everything.
Based on the evolution of the LTE protocol, the LTE protocol is tailored and optimized for better communication between objects and for lower cost. The eMTC is deployed on a cellular network, and its user equipment can directly access the existing LTE network by supporting 1.4MHz RF and baseband bandwidth. eMTC supports up to 1Mbps peak rate for uplink and downlink, and can support rich and innovative IoT applications [3].
Application requirements editing
According to the 5G White Paper released by the Future Mobile Communications Forum, from the perspective of different information interaction objects, the future 5G applications will cover three types of scenarios: enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), massive machine-like communication (mMTC) and ultra-reliable low-time. Yan (uRLLC). The eMBB scenario refers to the further improvement of the performance of the user experience based on the existing mobile broadband service scenario, and mainly pursues the ultimate communication experience between people. mMTC and eMTC are the application scenarios of the Internet of Things, but their respective focuses are different: mMTC is mainly the information interaction between people and things, and eMTC mainly reflects the communication requirements between objects and objects [1].
Key capability editing
Key capabilities of eMTC include: support for mobility, location; lower cost, target 25% of Cat1 chips; higher speeds, up to 4 times compared to GPRS [4].
eMTC has the advantages of anti-theft, anti-switching, real-time temperature sensing and locating in intelligent logistics; it can monitor and locate in real time, record and upload information, and query the driving track. In smart wearable devices, it supports health monitoring, video services, data backhaul and positioning. eMTC can also use the screen as a starting point to add value to operators' pipelines. These application scenarios include: smart charging piles, waiting treasures, elevator guards, intelligent bus stop signs, and public bicycle management.
Research status editor
In October 2016, China Mobile teamed up with a number of well-known vendors to conduct laboratory testing of narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) and enhanced machine type communication (eMTC) commercial products based on the 3GPP standard, at the "Cellular Internet of Things eMTC Industry Summit" The industry is planning for the eMTC standard. [twenty four]
Since 2017, China Unicom has actively promoted the NB-IoT and eMTC technology pilots. The pilot mainly consists of two parts: one is the infield experiment, relying on the China Unicom Internet of Things Open Laboratory to promote the docking of various IoT technologies; the other is the field test, China Unicom has promoted the test work in more than 10 cities across the country. . In the future, eMTC will carry more traditional cellular network service upgrades and some LPWA requirements.

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