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40cm-150cm Stainless Steel GPS Fuel Sensor CA-201C For Vehicles

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40cm-150cm Stainless Steel GPS Fuel Sensor CA-201C For Vehicles

40cm-150cm Stainless Steel GPS Fuel Sensor CA-201C For Vehicles
40cm-150cm Stainless Steel GPS Fuel Sensor CA-201C For Vehicles 40cm-150cm Stainless Steel GPS Fuel Sensor CA-201C For Vehicles

Large Image :  40cm-150cm Stainless Steel GPS Fuel Sensor CA-201C For Vehicles Get Best Price

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: caxtrack
Certification: CE/ROHS/FCC/SGS
Model Number: CA-201C
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Packed in carton firstly
Delivery Time: 1-10 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: T/T or western Union or paypal
Supply Ability: 100,000pcs per month
Detailed Product Description
Work Voltage: 12-36V Weight: 0.4kg
15CM Cable Tie: Used To Fix The Extention Wire 1.2M Cable Tie: Used To Fix The Probe
Working Temperature: -30℃~+75℃ Maximum Power Consumption: 0.4W/24V
Measurement Resolution: 0.1cm Inbreaking Protection: IP66
Liquid Level Value Unit: Millimeter Working Humidity: 5%~90%.
Length: 40cm-150cm Material: Stainless Steel
High Light:

gps tracker fuel sensor


gps tracker with fuel sensor

CA-201C Capacitor Fuel Sensor The Accuracy is 99% For The Vehicles

RS232 output [CA-201C]:

Black line connect ground wire

Red line connect positive power

White line RXD input, connect car RS232 TXD

Blue line TXD output, connect car RS232 RXD

Yellow line empty fuel tank use only

Green line full fuel tank use only


1.performance index


Examination area: 100~1000mm

resolution ratio: 0.1%

Measuring accuracy:0.1%

Maximal error of measure :1mm

heat-resistant :-40~150

Diameter Φ18mm

Output signal :4~20mA,0~5V, RS485, RS232, CAN bus

Voltage supply :DC7~42V

Rated supply :0.1W

Fixed type :Screw installation M20X1.5 OR Flange mounting

Pressure range :-0.1MPa ~ 0.1 MPa

ambient temperature -40~85℃


The entire sensor machine doesn't contain any elasticity or moving parts.Impact resistance, maintenance-free, long service life, easy installation,can be installed in various occasions.Accurate measure for gasoline, diesel oil, hydraulic oil level and other various weak corrosive liquid level .


This liquid level sensor is level measuring instrument,contain high resolution ratio and measurement accuracy.It is automatic calibration which does not need manual intervention,no temperature drift, and is not affected by medium change.In other words,regardless of the measured medium is water or gas or diesel, no matter how temperature changes, it can output signal accurate liquid level height at one sensor. Completely solve the problem of measure medium difficulty ,like ethanol and methanol,and the problem of measurement error caused by oil’s label and great temperature difference in different areas.


The equipment can be used cooperatively with GPS vehicle positioning terminal and other terminal to make vehicle positioning and fuel consumption management system.It can evaluate the usage of the vehicle and the driver's driving level,monitor gas up situation of vehicle,precise calculate hundred kilometers fuel consumption,completely eradicate the phenomenon of oil stolen,oil spilling,detouring,make extra money,private use of government vehicles,falsely making receive..40cm-150cm Stainless Steel GPS Fuel Sensor CA-201C For Vehicles 0





2.1 definition of the output line

Interface output line use 6 core cable, connecting definition:





2.2 Calibration

This sensor adopt high-speed MCU of CNC technology, adopting self-calibration

Calculation , and leaves out the complicated Manual calibration while using. in normal

circumstance, the sensor can directly be used in the measurement of the diesel, if need to calibration, you can use the three following ways to complete. (each can work)


1.self-calibration: put the sensor slowly into the The tested medium while power on, let the liquid get into the feed inlet slowly ,stoping when the liquid is overflew the vent hole of the sensor. and this operation accomplish the calibration of the sensor . In order to prevent the failure of the calibration process , please do this process for at least 2 times .( notice:This way is under the condition of powering on , outage restart will restore the factory Settings.In the condition of empty fuel tank,refueling to full, the sensor itself are also able to complete the self-calibration )


Manual calibration : at the time of empty fuel tank, put the yellow line short circuit with the ground wire( black line) , and then power on the sensor, operating for 60s or longer, after that , disconnect the back ground wire and the yellow line , and this operation could accomplish the calibration ( notice: Sensor already setted to 0 # diesel prior to shipment ,without Special Circumstances)


remote automatic calibration :if adopting RS232 or RS485 for data transmission, it can be accomplished the calibration by vehicle GPS location system sending orders. Sensor has two orders of calibration ,D1,D2. When the fuel tank empty , it will send D1, and when the fuel tank is full, it will send D2, and this operation could accomplish the remote calibration.


2.3 Installation Notes

Before installation, please check the attachment: Flange, rubber blanket,O-rings, and Whether the screw is consistent and complete

Trape the o-rings to the root of the sensor ( packed prior to shipment )

Daub the Oil-resistant sealant on the two side of the rubber pad, and aim flange plate to the tank flange hole,then fixed by screw,symmetrical tighten the strength in turn to make sure uniform stress and avoid oil spilling.

To finish the installation ,insert the sensor and use a wrench to tight.

connect the power cord, communication line, cable, ground wire according to the definition, and yellow line and green line need to trape one by one , preventing from the short circuit

Link the power of the sensor after checking the circuit

Installation position should be placed as near as possible to the center of the fuel tank, in order to reduce the influence of the oil level of tilt and the oil level of volatility while on the hill.



1.Only one signal can exist among RS232/ RS485/ 0-5V/ 4~20mA, and you can use either one of them. The trunk of RS485 can meet multiple sensors at the same time, but you should set the address of each sensor in advance. Address of each sensor must be unique, in case the trunk is locked. RS485 trunk is made of half-duplex chips, so when it reading data, you should set aside the corresponding time for the module. The reading speed cannot be too fast: when it reads continuously, the time interval between the two instructions cannot be less than five seconds.

2.For the signal transmission line, especially the one of RS232,communications circuits should not be too long, and should use the shielded wire.

3. For the sensors of the signal RS232/ RS485, when debugging the failure of communication, you can exchange the white line and the blue one and test again. If it works then, it is the connection error before. The operation is only for digital communications.

4. The power supply voltage of sensor cannot be more than the normal working voltage, and the power consumption of the sensor’s power supply cannot be less than the normal working power consumption.

5. The actual environment should conform to the requirements of the basic parameters of sensors, and shall not exceed the normal range, or it would damage the sensor, even cause other accidents.

6. On account of oil products, there are differences between the mediums of the calibration and use, users had better operate according to 2.2.2.

7. Do not remove sensors or damage it maliciously, or we do not guarantee it.

8.General factory accessories include Flange, rubber blanket, O-Rings, booklet of instruction, certificate of conformity. If you have special needs, please tell us in advance.

9.Guarantee period of the sensor is one year. All accessories including rubber blanket, O-Rings, are beyond the scope of “ threeguarantees ”.




Symptom of failure

1No-output /communication error

2The output value unchanged

3Measurement error of output value

4Output value floats up or down


cause analysis

1 Open circuit of the power or voltage too low

Sensor fault

Wrong connection of the lines and wires

2 service voltage abnormal

external interference

Sensor jammed

Sensor fault

3 service voltage abnormal

external interference

Sensor jammed

autoadaptation uncomplete

Sensor fault

4 oil level flow

service voltage abnormal

external interference

Sensor fault


Exclusion and solutions

1test connect→test if the voltage is greater than 10V when load→test the supply current [range 3~10mA] → connect method see 2.1,or change over blue and white line[digital communication only]→if all above is regular or current beyond normal range,the sensor occurred failure.

2Test the supply voltage when load[ex.voltage unstable] → recharge the sensor →test if there is a serious interference around→test whether sensors hole is blockage from top to bottom → execute 2.2.2→If not,the sensor occurred failure.

3 detect whether service voltage is stable while loading ( if the voltage is unstable) → →whether external have interference→check whether the sensor is jammed → execute the 2.2.2 process →then it should be the sensor fault

4 check the oil leve is stable → check the service is normal and functional →whether external have interference →execute the 2.2.2 process→then it should be the sensor fault




1 4~20mA output supply voltage DC20~28V,current is 4~20mA except communication output

2Check the tank oil level is float or not,if become regular after recharge,check the interference and the power

3 it usually can be functional while executing the 2.2.2 process

4 it usually occur on 0~5V signal





The ultrasonic fuel level sensor is used for digital recording vehicle refueling, to prevent driver stealing oil , avoid the waste of resources, improve operational efficiency, and improve the traffic safety, strengthen the operation and management level.

       This sensor is applicable to various types of vehicles such as trailers, taxis, buses, concrete mixer truck, engineering machinery, sanitation trucks and other.




1. All of our product is free to use the Tracking service server in 24 hours each day

2. All of our product there is a 2 year quanlity assurance.

3. Sample fee will not  be returned.



Product Configuration:


1. Standard configuration

1)    main device             1 pcs

2)    power line                1 pcs

3)    sensor

5)    Installation cables    1 set

6)    Usage instructions  

7)    Warranty card


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