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Large Capacity Long Battery Life Magnetic GPS Tracker for container , blue

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We are very satisfied with your CA-V1 and CA-V1, CA-V6W for professional customers, CA-V6W is a very good product on the motorcycle,thanks!

—— Touya_ra

now we already used your company CA-V6 more than 2000Pcs, thanks for your company best support, we will expend this business in all of the Kenya

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your device CA-V1 is very good for our customer project, it is so proffesional , we can use in refrigerator car which can test the temperature ,thanks

—— Rajesmay

Large Capacity Long Battery Life Magnetic GPS Tracker for container , blue

Large Capacity Long Battery Life Magnetic GPS Tracker  for container , blue
Large Capacity Long Battery Life Magnetic GPS Tracker  for container , blue

Large Image :  Large Capacity Long Battery Life Magnetic GPS Tracker for container , blue Get Best Price

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Cartracker
Certification: CE/ROHS/FCC/SGS
Model Number: CA-P10-2G/ CA-P10-3G
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Packed in carton firstly
Delivery Time: 1-10 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: T/T or western Union or paypal
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs per month
Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Container GPS Tracker Functions1: Magnetic Tracker GPS
Functions2: Without Power Cable Functions3: Long Standby Time
GPS Accuracy: 10M Band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
.Weight: 0.87Kg GPS Chip: Ublox 7020
Network: GSM GPRS GPS Color: Blue
Functions3: GPS Tracker For Container Functions4: Lock
High Light:

gps tracker with long battery life


gps tracker long battery life


Large Capacity Battery Magnetic Gps Tracker For Container Track



Preface 3

1. Product Introduction 4

2. Packing List 5

3. Technical Parameters 5

4. Define of LED indicator 6

5. Device Installation 6

5.1 Prepare works 6

5.2 SIM Card Installation 7

5.3 RFID No. White List 7

5.4 Lock ON 8

5.5 Unlock 8

6. Setting Commands (SMS) 9

7. Serial command list 11

8. FAQ 12




Thank you for choosing the company's AT10(3G) Lock tracker, please carefully read the instructions before operating.


Please check the items in package with packing list, contact with the distributor when you found something leave out.

















  • Read this user manual carefully please. When you start use this product, then you are deemed to have read this user’s manual.
  • This Product used as assistant tool for Security only, can’t prevent all kinds of deliberately theft or malicious damage vehicles. For the safety of your assets, you still need keep necessary vigilance and security awareness after you installed this product. We do not bear responsibility to any loss except product itself. Thanks!

1. Product Introduction

AT10 Lock tracker combined with positioning, monitor and observe, the main applies to container, trucks and other transportation object location and tracking services.

AT10 lock tracker fully supports the GPRS network data transmission function, GPRS platform can be combined with software to make it more widely used in large-scale cluster monitoring, transportation management and many other fields.



Product Features:

  • Backup battery low power alarm.
  • Build-in GSM/GPS antenna.
  • Support GPS real-time tracking(platform support).
  • Support GPRS network data transmission.
  • Lock ON/OFF alarm.
  • Lock-string tamper alarm.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Support sleep mode.
  • Remote upgrade by OTA.
  • Build in with magnet.
  • Unlock with RFID card(max support 10 RFID card).
  • Unlock with SMS command(with unlock password).
  • Support 25 Geo-fence.











  • This product function based on GPRS network; need a SIM card which have GPRS data transmit and SMS functions.
  • SIM card is not include in the packing list, please prepare SIM card before you use this device.
  • Please only use the charger from the factory.


2. Packing List

No. Name Count
1  Lock device 1
2 Lock string wire 1
3 RFID card Optional

3. Technical Parameters

Name Parameters
GSM module



Color Black
GSM module UC15-E(QUECTEL)
GPS module SKG1612R(Skylab)
Working Current Around 130mA@3.7V battery
Sleep mode Current Around 70mA@3.7V battery
Back-up Battery 15,000mAh rechargeable lithium battery
Tracker size 195mmx114mmx37mm
Tracker weight 700g
Working temperature -30℃ - +60℃
Moisture 5% - 95%
Locate Sensitivity 5m,CEP
Locate time

Hot start(average): <2s

Cold start(average): <25s

GPS Sensitivity -165dbm
GPS Frequently L1,1575.42MHz
GPS Receiver 22 Channels
LED Indicator Use blue/green/red three color LED indicator to show the status of power/GPS/GSM.
Blind area data 20,000 records

4. Define of LED indicator

  LED Color Status Status describe


GSM status

Red 3s blinking once Find SIM card
Red 1s blinking once Do not find SIM card or GSM module
Red 0.2s fast blinking in 2s Device receiving or sending GPRS data
Red Off GSM module fault, no power or LED die


GPS signal status

Green 0.5s blinking once Initializing
Green 1s blinking once Initialization finished, but GPS do not get position
Green 3s blinking once GPS get position now
Green Off LED die, no power or GPS module fault.
Battery charger status Orange Light on static Battery charging status
Blue Light on static Battery fully charged (orange led off)
RFID White 1s blinking 3 times During swipe the RFID card
Low power Yellow 1s blinking once Low power alarm


5. Device Installation

Before you start install the device, Please check the product you get with the packing list, if you have any problem please contact us or distributor in time.



5.1 Prepare works


  •  lock tracker
  • Local GPRS SIM card
  • RFID card


5.2 SIM Card Installation

This device need install a SIM Card, which must have GPRS data transmission and SMS function. In default setting, this device will use around 5MB~20MB data flow, please select suitable package.




  • Do not install SIM Card in opposite way.
  • SIM Card must open GPRS data transmission function
  • Confirm the SIM Card have enough balance inside.
  • Test SIM card by cellphone to check if it can connect network
  • Please do not remove or insert SIM Card without power off, to avoid the damage to SIM card and device


5.3 RFID No. White List

  • Set by Tool “GPS Tracker Configuration Tool”.




  • Set by command(Please check at command list for details).



5.4 Lock ON

Just insert the lock wire into the hole, the lock hole will detect wire by AUTO, after been detect will be lock on, and device will beep once.



5.5 Unlock

  • Unlock with RFID card

Swipe the RFID card at RFID reader position for 1-3s, when you hear the beep sound, means unlocking, after the sound end, then you can pull the lock wire out;


  • Unlock with SMS command

Large Capacity Long Battery Life Magnetic GPS Tracker  for container , blue 0

After you send the command, when you hear the beep sound, means unlocking, after the sound end, then you can pull the lock wire out.






6. Setting Commands (SMS)

To make the device work on GPRS mode together the control center software system, we have to set some parameters to make the device know where and how to connect the server.

The following parameters must be set before you use this device:

  • Server IP and Port (No.1 in table)

Device must have a server to upload the data to; in default it is set to our server IP and Port, if you use your own server, tell us before you place an order. The setting command is No.1, for example: AS1234*269#1,,5577,0#

(In that command,”” is the IP, “5577” is the port, “0” is UDP and upload self-def2.)

  • APN (No.3 in table)

Full name for APN is Access Point Name, which should be given when you buy a GPRS SIM Card. It is offered by GSM network supplier, like China Mobile public APN is CMNET.

It is consists of 3 parts: APN, APN user name, APN password. Some of the GSM operator do not have APN user name and APN password, just leave it blank.

  • Device parameters checking (No.6 in table, Optional)

Large Capacity Long Battery Life Magnetic GPS Tracker  for container , blue 1


The following is a SMS command list, with it you can set or get information you need.

No. Name Command Reply
1 SMS SET IP,PORT AS1234*269#1,,5577,0# IPPO:;7777,0 OK
2 SMS SET ID AS1234*269#2,12007845# IDDO:00012345 OK
3 Set APN AS1234*269#3,CMNET,,,# APN:cmnet;OK
4 SMS restart AS1234REBOOT# GSM/restart;OK
5 SMS set back to factory AS1234*269#F# PASSWORD:1234;OK
6 SMS query status AS1234STATE#,07777,0,00001234,cmnet,,AT10-V1.0 ,M6
7 SMS set ACC ON/OFF interval AS1234INTERVAL:x,y# Unit: seconds
8 SMS for GOOGLE link AS1234WHERE2#,+113.86560
9 SMS set timezone AS1234*269#I, Ex/Wx,# TIME:E/Wx OK
10 SMS set over speed AS1234SPEED:x# Unit: km/h
11 SMS set Mileage AS1234MILEAGE:x# Unit: KM
12 Change SMS password AS1234PASSWORD:4321#  
13 SMS set RFID card white list AS1234*269#6,ID1,ID2,ID3,ID4,ID5,ID6,ID7,ID8,ID9,ID10,#

Max: 10 ID card support.



Set 2 ID card


Query RFID card number AS1234*269#Q#  
Clear RFID number AS1234*269#6#  
14 SMS unlock PW AS1234*269#8,888888,# Default unlock PW is 888888
15 Change unlock PW AS1234*269#4,888888,123456,# 6 number PW.
16 Check IP,ID,APN AS1234*269#C# IP:,2008,1,cmnet,,,ID:61000640,M:6,GPS:A,5,CSQ:28,CGR:1,ACC:1,BAT:33%,VER:AT10-V1.0
17 GOOGLE LINK AS1234WHERE2# Track from 61000640,PLS help at speed:0Km/h,battery:32%,V,,113.87099 2017-08-22 16:04:17


7. Serial command list

No. Name Command reply  
1 Set IP *269#1,,5577,0;5577,0;OK

Reply content is “IP” “Port”, connection type:



Set URL *269#1,,5577,0,URL,    
2 Set ID *269#2,12007845 12007845;OK Current “ID”
3 Set APN *269#3,CMNET,,, CMNET,,;OK APN setting
4 Set back to factory *269#F Reset OK;  
5 Check IP,ID,APN *269#C IP:,2008,1,cmnet,,,ID:61000640,M:6,GPS:A,5,CSQ:28,CGR:1,ACC:1,BAT:33%,VER:AT10-V1.0

CSQ: GSM signal strength;

Ms:6 online


6 Check parameters *269#R AccOn:30,Off:30;Sp:0;stp:0; dr:0;mds:0;Led:on;BSL:off;Tel1:;Tel2:;Oil:on,gps:A,unit:KM,M:6,Z:8,WR:30,SES:00000044  
7 Check version *269#V Version:AT10-V1.0@May 18 2017 11:48:33  

Set authorized number

(not support now, can be add)

*269#5,X,X,X,X, X,X,X,X, set ok Need to add country code in each china is +86, then the number should be: *269#5,8612345678912,,,,(max: 4 numbers)
9 Query authorized number *269#P 8612345678912,,,,;OK To check the authorized numbers.




Set timezone


*269#I, Ex/Wx,

E:means east;

W:means west;

X is 0-12.


Set GMT-6:


11 Set ACC on/off upload interval *269#7,x,y,

x=ACC ON upload interval,

y=ACC OFF upload interval;





SMS set RFID card white list *269#6,ID1,ID2,ID3,ID4,ID5,ID6,ID7,ID8,ID9,ID10,

Max: 10 ID card support.





Set 2 ID card


Query RFID card number *269#Q    
Clear RFID number *269#6    
13 SMS unlock PW *269#8,888888, Default unlock PW is 888888  
14 Change unlock PW *269#4,888888,123456, 6 number PW.  
15 Change angle upload *269#G,x X: 0-180 degree.  
16 Sleep mode No.1 *269#9,M1,x1,x2,x3,

M1: only enable sleep with unlock;

x1=wake up working time;

x2=sleep mode upload time;


Unit is minute.
17 Sleep mode No.2 *269#9,M2,x1,x2,x3,

M2: enable sleep with unlock and lock;

x1=wake up working time;

x2=sleep mode upload time;


Unit is minute.
18 Disable sleep mode *269#9,M0    


8. FAQ

8.1 Show offline in Software Platform

Check if the device LED indicator shows normal. If device is not beside you, use telephone to check. Call the SIM card telephone you inserted in device, and make sure the SIM card is working.


8.2 All the devices show offline in Software Platform

Check the software platform server part, if it works normal contact with your GSM network operator. If both server and GSM network have no problem, then contact us.


8.3 Device do not get correct position

First time get position will take longer time (around 1~2 min), please drive to a wide area to get position. If it takes long time and do not get correct location, please check if the device install position is correct and no metal shield above it.


8.4 Device do not get GSM network

Make sure the SIM card has money/enabled GPRS, and was correct installed, and make sure the device not in a GSM signal blind area (such as underground garage).




1.  Vehicle Rental / Fleet management etc 


2.  Container/cargo/asset tracking 

1. All of our product is free to use the Tracking service server in 24 hours each day
2. All of our product there is a 2 year quanlity assurance.
3. Sample fee will not  be returned.

Contact Details

Contact Person: Bryant

Tel: +86-13560742132

Fax: 86-0755-29437724

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