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Pink Smaller Size Gprs Real Time Gps Tracker Device For Person Children Pet

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Pink Smaller Size Gprs Real Time Gps Tracker Device For Person Children Pet

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Large Image :  Pink Smaller Size Gprs Real Time Gps Tracker Device For Person Children Pet Get Best Price

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: caxtrack
Certification: CE/ROHS/FCC/SGS
Model Number: CA-P9
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Packed in carton firstly
Delivery Time: 1-10 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: T/T or western Union or paypal
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs per month
Detailed Product Description
Network: GSM/GPRS GPS Chip: U_blox7
GPS Accuracy: 5m Name: GPS Tracker For Person
Dim: 50*50*15mm Battery: 3.7V /1000Mah Li-ion Battery
GPS Sensitivity: -159dBm Color: Pink
Alarm: Low Battery Alarm Package: Box
GPRS Model: MTK6261 Vibration Sensor: Triaxial Vibration Sensor
High Light:

Personal GPS Tracking


Personal GPS Locator



Pink Smaller Size Gprs Real Time Gps Tracker Device For Person Children Pet
Performance Parameters:




50*50*15mm (mm)





Name GPS Tracker For Person


900/1800/1900MHz or 850/900/1800/1900MHz

GPS chip


GPS sensitivity


GPS accuracy

5 m

Time To First Fix

Reacquisition  0.1s
 Cold status  45s
Warm status  35s
 Hot status  1s

Work Voltage

DC  3.7-4.5V


Chargeable changeable 3.7V /1000Mah Li-ion battery

Standby work current

< 30mA

Storage Temp.

-40°C to +85°C

Operation Temp.

-20°C to +70°C


5%--95% non-condensing


1. Operating instructions

1. Please check whether the device model is correct, accessories are complete before


2. Pls insert the SIM CARD to the device in off state, the device only supports the GSM Chip (compatible with 2g network SIM card) and the card should be have flow data credits and can make call)

  • Power on: Press the power button more than 3s, the green led quickly flashes 3 times, then device on. The red led keeps on for 5s and then off means the device read the GSM card. The device working normally.
  • Power off: Press the power button more than 3s, the red led slowly flashes 2 times, then device off.
  • Charge: connect USB charging line to charge power, green led keeps on when fully charged.

2. Install the SIM card


Pls install the Sim card as picture shown

3. Product function introduction

【Real time location】 Via SMS, mobile app, computer web to query the location.

【SOS help】 Keep long press SOS button can dial to the binding number to ask for help.

【Two way audio】 The device call the mobile to realize two way audio function.

【Geo fence】 Based on the gps location, the device can set a safety range, when go out / into the range, will trigger the alarm.

【Accurate position】 position error meter≤5m.

【Voice callback】 Open this function, when surroundings voice more than 60 decibels, the device will call the binding mobile automatically to ask for help.

【street view】 Can see the street view around the position.


Items Parameters
Work Voltage 3.7V-4.2V
GSM Chip MTK6261/Smart MTK2503
GPS Chip Ublox7020
Work Current Standard mode 50mAh 5VDC power saving mode 15mAh 5VDC
Dimension 44*39*15mm
Net Weight 30G
Frequency Quad-band:850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPS Performance Index Receive Channels: 12 parallel channels, Position Accuracy : ≤5mm(95%) : ≤5m(95%)
GSM Performance Index

Position Accuracy: 50m(60%) 150m (95%)

Depends on the local base station quantities and density

Output Interface Charge/Digital Port

GPS Antenna: build-in

GSM Antenna: build-in

Work Temperature -30℃~+85℃
Work Humidity 5%~95%
Storage Temperature -40℃~+85℃

4. Parameters





5. Accessories

1. Device*1

2. Charge wire*1

3. Rope*1

4. User manual*1

6. Operation settings


SOS button number binding

Main admin binding number: mainly used to receive SOS alarm, Geo fence alarm and low battery alarm.

Send SMS:SOS1,Main admin number TO Device SIM card No.

Send SMS:SOS1,........... Reply: SOS1,OK

SOS2,........... SOS2,OK

SOS3,........... SOS3,OK

Notes: SOS button can bind 3 numbers, if you want to change the binding number, the latter binding number will replace the former binding number.


SOS button number binding cancellation

Send SMS: DELSOS,1 TO Device SIM card No.



Reply: DEL,OK


Quick dial number binding

Press the quick button I or II for 3s, device will alarm to all of the binding numbers automatically by SMS with the location address link or will take turns to call the binding numbers.

Note: the device default the alarm by SMS.

Send SMS:QQ11,Admin mobile No. TO Device SIM card No.

Button 1 binding:QQ11,........... Reply: QQ11,OK

Button 2 binding:QQ21,........... Reply: QQ21,OK

Note: QQ11 corresponds to button 1; QQ21 corresponds to button 2; First Quick Dial and Second Quick Dial each can bind 1 cell phone number in the meantime.


Quick dial number binding cancellation

Send SMS:DELQQ,11 TO Device SIM card No.

Button 1:DELQQ,11 Reply: DEL,OK

Button 2:DELQQ,21 Reply: DEL,OK

Note: DELQQ,11 delete the binding number of button 1; DELQQ,21 delete the binding number of button 2.

Remotely monitoring

The mobile call the device, the device will answer automatically, only the mobile can hear the surrounding movement.

Note: The Sim card in device should be have the credits to make call and open the caller ID service.


Alarm mode setting

The defaulted alarm is SMS alarm, the content is a link with location, open the link can see the device location.

The call alarm mode set, the device call the binding mobile, can realize two way audio function.


SOS button alarm mode setting

Send SMS:BGMODE,MODE TO Device SIM card No.

SMS alarm mode:BGMODE,1 Reply: SOS MODE,1,OK

Call alarm mode:BGMODE,2 Reply: SOS MODE,2,OK

Button 1 alarm mode setting


Button 1 SMS alarm mode:BGKEY1MODE,1 Reply: SOS MODE,1,OK

Button 1 Call alarm mode:BGKEY1MODE,2 Reply: SOS MODE,2,OK


Button 2 alarm mode setting


Button 2 SMS alarm mode:BGKEY2MODE,1 Reply: SOS MODE,1,OK

Button 2 Call alarm mode:BGKEY2MODE,2 Reply: SOS MODE,2,OK


Note: These two alarm mode can not be set in the meantime.

Press button more than 3s, the binding mobile will receive the alarm according to the setting mode.


Voice callback binding

Send SMS:JT,Admin Mobile No. TO Device SIM card No.

Send SMS: JT,.......... Reply: JT,OK


Voice callback binding cancellation

Send SMS:DELSOS,4 TO Device SIM card No.

Reply: DEL,OK


Voice callback turn on and off

Only the JT number (voice callback binding number) can send SMS command GT to device and realize the voice callback function (The device will call back to the binding number after send the command. After setting, the surrounding voice over a certain decibel also can trigger this function.)

Turn on voice callback

Send SMS:GT,1 TO Device SIM card No.

Reply: GT,OK

Turn off voice callback

Send SMS:GT,0 TO Device SIM card No.

Reply: GT,OK


Get terminal position by SMS

Send SMS to the SIM Card in the device, it will reply the terminal current geography location map link, open the link will show the device location.

Send SMS:DW TO Device SIM card No.




Google Link

Send SMS:GOOGLE TO Device SIM card No.



Geo-fence setting

Geo-Fence is to calculate the radius range of the circle which use the device current position as the center of the circle. Activate this function, when the device is out/in the range you set, the device will send SMS alarm to the binding main admin number.(out/in the radius range will trigger the alarm, out means out of the fence alarm; in means into fence alarm).

Please note: this function only can set successfully after the device get the GPS location.

Send SMS command:CWL,mode,adius range

Activate the Geo fence

Send SMS:CWL,1,Radius Range TO Device SIM card No.

Send SMS:CWL,1,20 Reply: CWL,1,OK

Note: 20 means the radius is 20m, the radius range can be changed.


Close the Geo fence:

Send SMS:CWL,1,0 TO Device SIM card No.



Geo-fence alarm reply:

Go out the fence trigger alarm reply: out!

Go into the fence trigger alarm reply: in!


Electric quantity checking

Send SMS:SR,1 TO Device SIM card No.


Note: This command can check the status of the electric quantity.


Low battery alarm

If the electric quantity is lower than 20% during the device working, the device will send low battery alarm to the binding mobile.

Low battery alarm reply: battery low!

Power saving mode setting

Can send SMS to set the power saving mode. The device will enter in the LBS location and retain the last GPS location point to save the power if the device in the stationary state over 5 minutes. The device will wake up the GPS location automatically when moving.

Note: The device default is the normal working mode


Normal working mode:

Send SMS:EMODE,0,0,0 TO Device SIM card No.



General Power saving mode:

Send SMS:EMODE,3,0,0 TO Device SIM card No.


Note: Device work once every 2 hours, will position 5 minutes each once.


Super power saving mode:

Send SMS:EMODE,2,XX(min),XX(min) TO Device SIM card No.


Send SMS:EMODE,2,180,60 TO Device SIM card No.


Note: The example, 180 means the tracker you set will turn on automatically after powered off 180 minutes. After working 60mintes the tracker will powered off automatic. Everyday will work once as the setting. The value can be revised within 1440, after sending SMS, device will turn off immediately.


Forced wake up the GPS positioning

Send SMS:MD,1 TO Device SIM card No.

Reply: XXXX

Note: The device reacquire GPS positioning in the stationary state.


IP setting

Send SMS:SERVER,0,IP,PORT TO Device SIM card No.

Send SMS:SERVER,0,,20001

Reply: SERVER,0,OK

Note: IP setting is used for docking to other platform, pls do it cautiously.

GPS uploading time setting

Send SMS:UP,TIME TO Device SIM card No.

Send SMS: UP,60 (Uploading time:60s)

Reply: UP,OK.

Note: Can revise the gps uploading interval time in order to save data flow.

The uploading time setting affects the playback of the track and trace. The default is 10s.

APN setting

Send SMS:APN,APN name TO Device SIM card No.

Eg:Send SMS:APN,internet Reply: APN,OK.

Note: APN name pls ask the local operator to get it.


Terminal information checking

Send SMS:CX TO Device SIM card No.



cmnet,user=0000,name=0000,ver=2016/08/18 11:45,sos:sos1:sos2:sos3:

Note: This command to get the basic information of the terminal.

Device reboot

Send SMS:SBCQ TO Device SIM card No.

Reply: MP,OK

Note: This command send to the device can remotely reboot the device.


Initialization setting

Send SMS:TXTHZ TO Device SIM card No.

Reply: INIT,OK

Note: This command can reset the device.

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Old Peple, students, Dog, Animal , Pet shop , pet company , GPS producer , large-scale shopping malls , exclusive agency , chain shops , large-scale sales
1. All of our product is free to use the Tracking service server in 24 hours each day
2. All of our product there is a 2 year quanlity assurance.
3. Sample fee will not  be returned.
Product Configuration:
1. Standard configuration
1)    GPS device             1 pcs
2)    charger                    1 pcs
3)    Installation cables    1 set
4)    Usage instructions  
5)    Warranty card
6)    Certification

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